Primary School

Relationships. Wellbeing. Achievement.


At Lansdowne, we always try to think of others as well as keeping ourselves fit and well. With these key goals in mind, we have decided to do a charity sponsored walk. The charity we are supporting is called Grief Encounters and provides support, counselling and emergency phone lines for children who have been bereaved through the loss of a family member.

It cost £26 to fund a support phone call and we are doing our event on 26th March, so we are working to the theme of 26. Each year group will have their own activity to do:

Nursery and Reception:  26 laps of the Foundation Phase playground.

Years 1 & 2: 26 laps of the whole playground or do 26 shuttle-runs between to markers. 

Key Stage 2:  a 26 minute walk around the local area.


We want everyone to feel they are part of this event - getting fitter, being outdoors and caring for others are all so important. Children and their families can raise money in 3 different ways:


1) Use the sponsor form (on the DISTANCE LEARNING page of the website) and collect donations (friends and family only, please. No strangers)

2) Make an online donation to our Just Giving page.

3) Bring £1 (or whatever you can afford) on the 26th of March as we do for other charity events.


Every penny is valuable - they all add up.

Please contact Miss Fry if you have any questions, need a sponsor form or for any other reason relating to this event and THANK YOU all for being brilliant families.

Carol Fry (Yr 3 teacher)