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The tranquil coral reef was suddenly overshadowed by an ominous presence. From the distance, a dark silhouette emerged, growing larger and more menacing with each passing moment. The fishing vessel loomed like a gigantic predator, its shadow creeping across the vibrant sea floor. The rhythmic hum of its engine pierced the serene underwater world, a mechanical monster in the deep.


The boat approached slowly, its nets trailing behind like the arms of a colossal octopus, ready to ensnare everything in its path. The fish, once dancing gracefully in the azure waters, now darted in frantic, chaotic patterns, their scales flashing like shards of silver in the diminishing light. The nets descended like a heavy, suffocating curtain, weaving through the coral with merciless efficiency.


Panic spread among the marine inhabitants. A school of vibrant fish swirled desperately, trying to evade capture, but the relentless net swallowed them whole. A majestic dolphin, its sleek body glistening, leapt from the water in a bid for freedom, only to be ensnared mid-air. Its graceful arc ended with a heart-wrenching splash, the water around it churning with distress.


The boat's powerful machinery yanked the nets upward, tearing through the delicate coral structures. The vibrant underwater forest, once alive with colour and movement, was left in shambles. The coral, like shattered glass, lay in fragments on the ocean floor, its intricate beauty destroyed.


With a final, echoing roar, the vessel retreated, leaving a trail of devastation in its wake. The once-thriving reef now resembled a battlefield, its inhabitants dazed and the vibrant life snuffed out. The boat disappeared over the horizon, its dark deed done, leaving behind a silent, sorrowful sea.

Final paragraph


Darkness settled over the once-vibrant coral reef, a stark contrast to its former glory. No longer did the transparent, turquoise water stretch as far as the eye could see; instead, it was clouded with debris and destruction. Where the coral had once shone brightly like a spectacular chandelier, only broken fragments remained, lifeless and dull. 

Gently swaying in the diminished light, the green plants now lay limp, their elegance stolen by the brutal intrusion. Amidst the devastation, jellyfish flickered weakly, their glow a mere whisper of its former brilliance, barely illuminating the shattered remnants. In the deepest part of the ocean, fish that once swam peacefully now drifted aimlessly, their vibrant colors faded and spirits broken.

Down in the deep, the crystal-clear water was tainted with a sorrowful murkiness, a silent testament to the violence inflicted upon the marine sanctuary. How could such beauty be so easily destroyed? The dolphin, once a symbol of joy and freedom, now swam with a noticeable limp, a prisoner to the human greed that had invaded its world.

Sorrow lingered over the reef like a heavy blanket, the golden sand now tarnished and lifeless. The majestic view, once a symphony of life and color, had been silenced, leaving behind a haunting emptiness. Is this the legacy we leave behind? The reflection of the sun, once spreading beautiful patterns, now shone on a desolate wasteland, shimmering like a diamond lost in the darkness.

Art Homework (19th October - 26th October)


Plan your Lois Mailou Jones artwork for next week's art lesson. Use the sheet to help you. If you lose the one that was given to you in class, you can find a copy below:

Below is the PowerPoint used in the class if you want to look at Lois Mailou Jones' work for inspiration:

You don't have to produce a finished piece - this will be done in class. Your homework is to plan your art. Try doing some personal research into masks and patterns to inspire you. Make sure you have a rough sketch of your plan in next week's lesson.


I'm really looking forward to seeing your work.

Mr. Mac