Primary School

Relationships. Wellbeing. Achievement.


At Lansdowne, we offer a wide variety of interventions from Nursery to Year 6 to support progress and promote success in literacy and numeracy, as well as wellbeing and emotional development. 

  Intervention groups are planned for based on the needs of the pupils, and are regularly reviewed and adapted as appropriate, to ensure we meet pupil needs.

Below is a brief overview of some of the interventions we deliver at Lansdowne and the links to the relevant websites.

Language LinkProgramme used to assess individual language skills.   Tailored intervention programmes are then used to support the specific language skills
Speech LinkProgramme used to assess individual speech skills.   Tailored intervention programmes are then used to target the development of particular speech sounds/patterns
Maths FactorA programme to develop numeracy skills
Handwriting MotorwaySupports fine and gross motor skill development to improve pupils' handwriting skills
CLIP Reading and CLIP WritingBespoke reading and writing interventions to support pupils' development of literacy skills
Rainbow Reading / Mini RainbowsReading intervention to support reading and comprehension skill development
Sound DiscoveryA structured phonics programme for children experiencing difficulties learning to read and spell
POPATPhonics / Phoneme (sounds) awareness programme to support children with speech and language difficulties
WellCommSupports speech and language difficulties for pupils in the Early Years
ThriveDelivered as a 1:1 session which supports children in developing their social and emotional wellbeing
ELSAEmotional Literacy Support Assistants support pupils in individual sessions to address specific or general social and emotional issues.  Can be delivered for a short block, or children can access this support for longer periods as necessary