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Due to Covid, we have had to change the way the library is used for the moment.


KS2 pupils can still take books from the library to read in class but books can't be taken home.


You can log into the library website and look for the book you want or browse the catalogue and read reviews left by other children to help you decide. A video to show you how to do this is below.


If you don't know which book you like you can always ask Mr. McInnes to recommend one to you.


Use the form below to ask for a book or a recommendation. You will need to fill in your name and Hwb email address.

In your message: 

  • write the name of the book you want or the type of book you like to read if you want a recommendation
  • write the name of your class or your teacher
  • write your barcode number from your library card (ask your teacher if you do not know this


Mr. McInnes will not be able to sort out a book for you if you don't include all of this information.


Mr. McInnes will arrange for new books to be delivered and books you have read to be collected on a  Wednesday and Friday morning. All returned books will be quarantined for 72 hours.

Library Book Request Form

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