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There will always be times where we will  feel the need to switch off, relax or blow off some steam.


Below are some useful links and suggested activities to support the mental and physical health of yourselves and your children at home.

Physical exercise laugh

Having some form of physical activity is important for so many reasons. PE is a vital part of the national curriculum and we aim to provide two sessions per week when in school.


During the first lockdown Joe Wicks provided daily workouts that you can access here on his channel. He wil be providing new sessions every day starting on Monday 11th of January. Please try to join in with them, they are a great mental and physical boost.


Below are some further links to workouts that we have used in classrooms during wet days. Again, there are many more available than the few posted her but will send you in the right direction.


Joe Wicks


Cardiff Games


*** No new challenges for this week yet sorry... watch this space, they will be here soon hopefully! ***


Cardiff Games will be releasing 3 video challenges every Monday for the next 7 weeks, so be sure to check back here! Below you will find 3 seperate challenges to try out. Send your videos to and the best ones will be added to the website for all to see your hard work.  


#1MinuteChallenge 01 | Russian Twist

#1MinuteChallenge 02 | Skipping

#1MinuteChallenge 03 | Step ups


BBC Super Movers

Foundation Phase





Below are some other suggestions for you try, just for fun.


Premier League Primary Stars





All children have access to the Minecraft education app via Hwb.


Begin a building project. Could you build a replica of your own home or family members home? How about the school or shops? Move bigger, build a street or some famous landmarks.



Guided yoga yes


Foundation phase and years 3 -4

The following link will guide you to the home page of a YouTube channel. There are a huge variety of story based yoga routines and are of different lengths to suit different ages. Explore what is on offer, many children will be familiar with them from school already.


Year 5 and 6

Feel free to have a look through the above link for the story based routines, the links below offer a more mature approach for the older children of our school community.


Guided meditation / mindfulness heart


The links below take you to some suggested meditation and mindfulness activities, there are some fantastic resources available  and these will hopefully send you in the right direction. 


Foundation phase