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Additional Learning Needs

At Lansdowne Primary School, we value each and every one of our pupils.  We pride ourselves upon our core moral purpose - to foster positive relationships within our whole school community, promoting and supporting pupil and staff wellbeing, and ensuring all pupils experience a true sense of achievement throughout their time at Lansdowne Primary.  All aspects of life at our school are inclusive and aim to meet the individual needs of all pupils, encouraging everyone to reach their full potential. 


We recognise that every pupil comes to us with a wide range of skills, abilities, interests, qualities and attributes, and we welcome and celebrate this diversity.  We appreciate that all learners are individuals and we are keen to support and challenge all learners, with consideration of their individual needs.  


At Lansdowne, we are well equipped to provide support through a variety of strategies, ranging from in-class effective differentiation to a wide range of intervention programs, specifically designed to allow pupils to develop their literacy and numeracy skills, as well as their emotional health and wellbeing.  Pupils' needs are considered on an individual basis and we ensure that the appropriate support is put in place for each child (which may be on a 1:1 basis or within a small group). 

Please note that pupils do not need to be identified as having Additional Learning Needs (ALN) to access this support nor does accessing this support automatically mean that a pupil has ALN.  


If we consider that your child may have Additional Learning Needs (ALN) we will invite you in to school to discuss this at a meeting with your child's class teacher and the Additional Learning Needs Coordinator (Mrs Beth Sullivan).  If you have concerns about your child's progress, please discuss this with your child's teacher in the first instance.  


For further information about ALN and the changes to the ALN system in Wales, please follow the links below.  

Contact Mrs Sullivan (Additional Learning Needs Coordinator)

If you would like to contact Mrs Sullivan with any queries regarding ALN please complete the form below.