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Year 6



Please see 'Homework' page for normal spelling, maths or topic homework:

The timetable below is a suggestion of what you should do each day. If you need to do activities at different times or on different days, please do so. You should complete all activities set and send to your teacher.


An online Eisteddfod is being offered by Glamorgan Music School. There are competitions for everyone from Reception age up. There are singing and music competitions and these are organised in age bands.

If your child would like to take part, you will need to video them singing or playing - you may use a silhouette shot if you have identification concerns.

The competitions open to your child and the requirements for each class are on the website below, along with details of how to apply, the judging process and the awards that are available.


Please find below the work for your child to complete at home during a school closure period.


The expectations are that children still complete activities while they are unable to attend school. Children should aim to complete all of the activities set within a week. May we suggest the following daily schedule:

30 mins of reading time 

30 mins of physical exercise

1 x Maths activity including at least 15 minutes of mental maths (this may be done on Sumdog)

1 x Literacy activity (one activity may be continued over two days if necessary)


Within a week, children should also aim to complete:

 2 topic or creative activities.


Other optional activities may be provided


All children have been given a card with their log on details.

If they have lost their log-ins or were not in school when they were given out, please email the class teacher: 

Brunswick -

Wembley -


All tasks are posted on this page and children are asked to send their completed work to their teacher by email using their Hwb email account.  Class Teams pages have also been set up where they can communicate with their teachers and friends.

The children's email accounts and Teams are both accessible through the Hwb website:

Children are able to email their teacher with any questions or concerns about their work or just to say hello!

Brunswick -

Wembley -



Other useful websites:

Bug Club (Reading):

Sum Dog (Mental Maths):