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Year 6

Croeso i Blwyddyn 6

Welcome to Year 6's Distance Learning Page

Brunswick Class are in school as normal


Wembley Class are in school as normal


Please see 'Homework' page for normal spelling, maths or topic homework:


Please find below the work for your child to complete at home during a school closure period.


The expectations are that children still complete activities while they are unable to attend school. Children should aim to complete all of the activities set within a week. May we suggest the following daily schedule:

30 mins of reading time (preferably with an adult)

30 mins of physical exercise

1 x Maths activity including at least 15 minutes of mental maths (this may be done on Sumdog)

1 x Literacy activity (one activity may be continued over two days if necessary)


Within a week, children should also aim to complete:

 2 topic or creative activities.


Other optional activities may be provided


All children have been given a card with their log on details.

If they have lost their log-ins or were not in school when they were given out, please email the class teacher: 

Brunswick -

Wembley -


All tasks are posted on this page and children are asked to send their completed work to their by email using their Hwb email account.  Class Teams pages have also been set up where they can communicate with their teachers and friends.

The children's email accounts and Teams are both accessible through the Hwb website:

Children are able to email their teacher with any questions or concerns about their work or just to say hello!

Brunswick -

Wembley -



Other useful websites:

Bug Club (Reading):

Sum Dog (Mental Maths):


Read Theory


The read theory website will help you to develop your understanding of what you read. Use read theory at least once a week.


Follow the link below and log in. Your log in and password uses your first initial and surname.


If your name is Darth Vader, your username is d_vaderlps and your password is dvader2020.

Follow us on Twitter:


Mr. McInnes - @mrmaclps

Mrs. Charles - @ncharles_lps

Bug Club school code: hkcj

Maths Curriculum Document

English Curriculum Document