Primary School

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Year 5

To those auditioning for one of the 3 roles for the Howell's debate, please see the notes below.


There are 3 roles- The Chairperson, Speaker and Questioner.


Our statement to debate- Sport in schools should always be practice rather than competition.


Remember- You can be for or against this statement, not split! I would say there is more to say if you were against this statement.


On Tuesday 22nd March we will hold auditions for the different roles pupils want. Myself and Mr. Hunter will be looking for pupils who don't just read from their notes and engage the audience, speaking clearly and making eye contact.


The chairperson


* In charge; ensures smooth running of the event from start to finish.

* Introduces him/ herself to the speaker, and the questioner in an interesting way, and announces the topic.

* Invites the speaker to give his/ her address and then the questioner from the opposing team to ask the questions. Then ask if there are any questions from the audience.

* Summarises the main points which have been made and then closes proceedings with thanks to the participants and to the audience for listening.

* Should avoid reading everything from notes and engage the audience through some eye-contact.


The Speaker

* Presents the main arguments but with more than just a single sentence on each.

* Should refer to notes but avoid just reading them; speak out not down, in a clear firm voice, avoiding 'urms' and 'ers'.

* Draws the audience in if possible using eye-contact and hand gestures as appropriate.

* Be prepared to think on her/ his feet when responding to questions.


The Questioner

* For their own presentation, the questioner plays no active role but looks attentive and listens to their chairperson and speaker.

* For the opposing team's presentation, the questioner sits with her/ his team on the other side of the stage listening to the presentation, taking notes and formulating three or four really thoughtful questions to pose.

* When invited, stands to address the speaker but partially facing the audience so that the questions are clearly heard.

* Speaks outs, not down, in a clear firm voice; referring to notes for the questions but trying to avoid just reading them.




Chairperson introduction= 30 senconds

Speaker= 3 Minutes

Chair invites the opposition Questioner to question the Speaker= 30 seconds

Chair invites members of the aduience to ask questions=30 seconds

Chair summarises the sessions and thanks the speaker- 30 seconds


Chairperson speech


My name is_____ and I am the chairperson of today's round. We are the team from______. Our topic is_________. Our speaker today us _______. (Now say a few words about the speaker).


Our question is_________. (Now say a few words about the Questioner).


I now invite our speaker to deliver the speech.



Thank you. I now invite the Questioner from___ team to ask the questions.


Does any member of the audience have a question for our speaker?



Here is a brief summary of the main points made (number them 1, 2, 3, 4....)



This concludes the presentation of our team.


Our thanks to the Speaker and the Questioner. (You could say some nice things now about how good they were).


Thank you for listening.