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Year 5



Dear Year 5,


I am very much enjoying working on our 'I wonder' topic. Please could you continue your research this weekend on the topic that you chose to enquire about and organise your findings into a mini presentation for Tuesday November 24th. I do not expect it to be more than a few minutes and does not need to be a power point, though can be if you wish. The purpose of the presentation is to get you used to speaking aloud to a small audience and to share what you found out in a more structured, organised way. 

I am looking forward to hearing you speak.


Best wishes,

Mrs Cooper 



Annwyl Blwyddyn 5,

I am sorry not to be seeing you for a couple of weeks.

Forrest Class, Mr Gray has put some things online for you - the first one is the lesson we would have done together tomorrow. I've recorded the key Welsh phrases for you to hear so hopefully you can pick up some new words.

Grosvenor Class, I think Mr Hunter is doing the lesson with you.

There are other activities on our topic. Don't forget the activities in the Welsh folder  and I've added a new website that teaches you lots of topic language.

Keep safe and stay well. I'm looking forward to the next time we learn together. If you get stuck with any Welsh - or if you find a good website, do email me. I will check my inbox every day.

Miss Fry