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Year 3

Croeso i Blwyddyn 3

Welcome to Year 3's Homework Page



Please find below the work for your child to complete at home during the school closure period.


The expectations are that children still complete activities while they are unable to attend school. Children should aim to complete all of the activities set within a week. May we suggest the following daily schedule:

30 mins of reading time (preferably with an adult using bug club or a home/school book)

30 mins of physical exercise

1 x Maths activity

1 x Literacy activity ( one activity may be continued over two days if necessary)

Within a week, children should aim to complete 2 topic or creative activities.



Please click the links below to access the tasks set for your child. 

Message Board smiley

1st July

Please can you make contact with your teacher by the end of this week either via email or by Teams as we are looking to check in with all pupils in year 3, particularrly those who we have not spoken to in the last few weeks. Pupils we do not hear from will receive a phone call home. If you have made contact this week via Teams/Email or in school, please disregard this message.

29th June

Hi everyone! So school started back up today for some of you! I bet you're excited to see all of the new changes and more importantly, your friends! Don't forget that as you are only in school for 2 mornings over the next few weeks, we are still putting work on here to be completed as usual. If you have any questions about the work, don't hesitate to ask when you see your teacher or ask on Teams as you have been. We can't wait to see your lovely faces!

16th June

Hi everyone! Thank you for all the work submissions so far! So glad to hear that you're enjoying the CCFC lessons too. Mrs Evans has made some tutorial videos for the CLIC tests for anyone who needs a bit of help completing them. Here are the links to the videos:

CLIC Level 3

CLIC Level 2

14th June

Good morning Year 3, and welcome to a new week! We hope you have had a lovely weekend and didn't get caught in the rain showers! There are lots of new activities for you this week, and we are looking forward to seeing all of your brilliant work. Have a good week!



8th June

Hi Everyone! Another great first week back. Thanks for all of your hard work. Let's keep the momentum going now as we move closer to getting back to school at the end of the month! Don't forget to login to sumdog to take part in the competition this week! Let's get lots of points for our year group!



5th June

Hi everybody, thank you for all of your work sent in this week, we love to see what you are getting up to.


Beginning today and running until 11th June there is a SumDog competition that you can take part in. All you need to do is log on as normal using your passwords... our school have have done really well in previous competitions so please give it a go!

1st June

Welcome back to a new half-term! We hope you had a lovely week and were able to enjoy some of the lovely sun. We have got a new topic for this half term and it is all about 'Our Environment'. Have a look on the website for the new activities, and remember that you can get in touch with us on either email or Teams. We are looking forward to hearing from you and seeing your work!

22nd May

Hello everyone! We have now come to the end of this half-term. We hope that you have enjoyed the last few weeks and had fun completing the activities on the website. THANK YOU for all of the lovely work that you have sent us. We have loved receiving it and looking at what you have done. As it is the holidays next week, there won't be any new work for you to do. We hope that you have a lovely holiday and have a well-deserved break. Enjoy yourselves with your families smiley.

20th May

Hi everyone, thank you for all of your fantastic work received so far this week, keep it coming!

Don't forget today is the day of the Joy of Moving festival, looks like its going to be a lovely day to get active. All of the information you need can be found on our topic page or the Well-Being page. We look forward to seeing how you get on.



18th May

Welcome to a new week! We hope you have had a lovely weekend, and we are looking forward to seeing all of your work this week. There are lots of new activities on the website for you, so send them to us when you have completed them. Also, remember to use BugClub this week as well. We look forward to hearing from yousmiley

15th May

Happy Friyay!!  We just wanted to say thank you for all the work that you have sent us this week. We have loved seeing it. We hope that you have enjoyed the tasks this week, and hope that you all have a lovely weekend with your families. Enjoy the sunshinesmiley.

10th May

Hi everyone! We hope you have had a lovely weekend. We just wanted to share with you a few of the lovely animal fact files we have received this week:


6th May


Hi everyone, we hope you are keeping busy and enjoying some of the sun. Just wanted to share a link with you that provides lots of physical activities that can be played at home or in the garden. Its called the joy of moving and is a huge campaign running nation wide. Have a look and see what you think!


5th May

Hi everyone! A fantastic response already for this week's tasks. Looking forward to receiving your animal fact files! Be sure to make them bright and colourful and we will post some on the message board by the end of the week!

4th May

Welcome back to a new week. We hope you enjoyed the weekend and thank you for all the work that you have been sending to us. We love seeing it! The new work for this week has been put on the website, so make sure that you take a look. Also, please remember to use Bug Club for your reading activities. Have a good week and we look forward to hearing from you.

1st May

Happy Friday! We hope that you have all had a good week, and have enjoyed starting to learn about our new topic. We hope you all have a lovely weekend, and don't forget to let us know what you have been doing!

30th April


Hi everybody, we hope you've enjoyed the start to our new topic. Great examples of work being sent through as always, thank you! Keep it up!

27th April

We are excited to announce our brand new topic for this half term is:

25th April

Thank you for all of the work that has been sent through this week! Had some fantastic examples, its good to see that so  many of you are keeping busy. Enjoy the weekend and the lovely sunshine! Stay Happy!

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24th April 2020

That's a wrap on our first week back! Well done for surviving another week of Lansdowne on Lockdown smiley.

We are going to switch things up next week with a brand new topic so stay tuned for that on Monday! Thanks for all of your Roman reports and Time work for Maths. We've been so impressed with everything we've received so far. Remember we'd love to hear any news you guys have too or just general info about what you are enjoying doing or if any of you have discovered any new hobbies or talents. Stay safe!


22nd April 2020


Hi everyone! Hope you are all ok and able to enjoy the sunny weather. We have had some amazing work sent to us already this week. Remember that you can email us or chat to us on Teams if you have any problems, or want to share things that you have done this week. Carry on with the good work and keep in touch with us.

Take care and stay safe xx

20th April

Good morning year 3! Hope you're well! Just to let you know that we have started updating the planning with this week's activities for you so click above for your Literacy, Maths and Topic activities for this week. If you fancy some more lessons, why not check out the BBC Bitesize website as they have 3 brand new lessons daily speifically for your age group! Check them out here---> 



19th April

Hello everybody, we hope you have all had some form of break over Easter! Just a reminder that now the holidays are over, there will be some new learning activities for you to do and try out. They will all be on our class page on the website by tomorrow. Look forward to hearing from you over the next few days, enjoy the rest of the day!


6th April

Just a quick message to say have a Lovely Easter everyone and even though it will be different to years gone by, there are still lots of fun ways to celebrate it at home with your family. If you can take some photos of what you have been up to and email them to us we would love to see! No work to be completed over the holidays so take a break and enjoy this lovely time together.


3rd April

Hi year 3! Hope you're ll enjoying this beautiful sunshine today! Feeling positive today hopefully as its FRIYAY!!! yes virutal high fives, hugs and dance moves all round from Mrs Evans. Looking forward to seeing all of your faces on our Teams call at 1pm. If you can't make it or something doesn't quite work though, don't worry! Have a fantastic weekend relaxing after all of your hard work this week. Here's some of the work we received:


1st April 


Good morning! We hope you are well and enjoying distance learning mixed with a bit of sunshine!

On Friday at 1pm we will be doing a class call through Microsoft teams. You will need to log in to HWB, then Microsoft teams, and then into your class team. You will need to do this on any device that has a webcam- so your phone, your tablet or your laptop with a working camera. Hopefully all of you have managed to log in to HWB already, but any problems please contact Mrs Evans on or and we can help you.

We are all really looking forward to seeing you!




Hope you are all still staying safe! Thank you for the work that has been sent in, we have had loads! Keep it coming. Here are two pieces that I really liked from last week, a Roman shield by T and a Roman temple by Ale, great work guys!




Happy Monday morning! Welcome to a new week! We hope you all had a lovely weekend. Thank you for all the work and photos from last week. We loved seeing and talking to some of you on the group chat last Friday, and would love to see more of you this Friday. We have put this weeks activities on the website so make sure that you check out all of the areas to see what you have to do!



Hello! Thanks again for all of the work being emailed and uploaded onto Teams. It's great to see all the creative activities youve been up to. Keep up the good work! Daisy class - I am going to hold a group chat call at 1pm today if you would like to take part and ay hello! All you need to do is log into teams by 1pm and I will invite you to the call.

Mrs Evans



Hi everyone, 

Hope you are all well and completing the work we have set for you. We have loved looking at the work some of you have sent us so far. What have you been doing at home? Have you been following the Joe Wicks workouts or trying out any of the apps? Remember to keep practicing your times tables - these can be done everyday! Keep on doing your best and enjoy spending time with your family!


Another great resource has also become available. This is usually at a cost of £2 per week but is currently free, enjoy!




Hell everyone, here's something nice to be shared. Could you maybe do this together, take a break and a needed rest from all things corona?


David Walliams is releasing a FREE audio story every day for the next 30 days at 11am 🙌🏼❤️…/the-worlds-worst-c…/s-VcYQCOlF2zr



Hi everyone, we hope that you are all doing OK. Thank you for the pieces of work that we have been sent so far, we will be getting back to you soon after they are sent to us. Don't forget on the homework page there are some PE/ well-being ideas to keep you active and a cookery page has now also been added. Stay safe, from the Year 3 team.


Remember, if you complete any work digitally, please either upload it to the Teams app on Office365 (Hwb) or email it directly to your teacher who will endeavour to give you feedback ASAP!

Here are our emails: (Mrs Evans) (Mrs Hardwidge) (Mr Redding)