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Year 2

Croeso i Blwyddyn 2

Welcome to Year 2's Distance Learning Page

Ivy Class are distance learning at home this week


Surrey Class are distance learning at home this week


Please see 'Homework' page for normal spelling, maths or topic homework:


Please find below the work for your child to complete at home during a school closure period.


The expectations are that children still complete activities while they are unable to attend school. Children should aim to complete all of the activities set within a week. May we suggest the following daily schedule:

30 mins of reading time (using Bug Club - preferably with an adult)

30 mins of physical exercise

1 x Maths activity including at least 15 minutes of mental maths (this may be done on Sumdog)

1 x Literacy activity (one activity may be continued over two days if necessary)


Within a week, children should also aim to complete:

 2 topic or creative activities.


Other optional activities may also be provided


All children have been given a card with their log on details.

If they have lost their log-ins or were not in school when they were given out, please email the class teacher: 

Ivy Class -

Surrey Class - or


All tasks are posted on this page and children are asked to send their completed work to their by email using their Hwb email account.  Class Teams pages have also been set up where they can communicate with their teachers and friends.

The children's email accounts and Teams are both accessible through the Hwb website:

Children are able to email their teacher with any questions or concerns about their work or just to say hello!

Ivy Class -

Surrey Class - or



Other useful websites:

Bug Club (Reading):

Sum Dog (Mental Maths):






















Croeso i Blwyddyn 2

Welcome to Year 2's Homework Page



Please find below the work for your child to complete at home during the school closure period.


The expectations are that children still complete activities while they are unable to attend school. Children should aim to complete all of the activities set within a week. Each child will be given a blank exercise book to complete Literacy and Topic work and a seperate Maths abacus workbook. May we suggest the following daily schedule:

30 mins of reading time (preferably with an adult using bug club or a home/school book)

30 mins of physical exercise

1 x Maths activity

1 x Literacy activity ( one activity may be continued over two days if necessary as well as practice of spellings )


Within a week, children should aim to complete 2 topic or creative activities.



Please click the links below to access the tasks set for your child. 

         heartMessage Boardheart



We've come to the end of another school year! I think we can all agree it has been a very strange year, but one that we will all definitely remember that's for sure!


All of the teacher's in Year 2 would just like to say how proud we are of you for all of your achievements in school and at home whilst you have been distance learning, you have worked soooooo hard! 

We would also like to say a huge THANKYOU to all of your families for becoming your teacher's at home, they have done such an amazing job!!


We have put together a short film below of all of our wonderful memories of Year 2 for you to watch and enjoy laugh I think most of you will recognise the song playing in the background so make sure you have a good old boogie -'Lansdowne Style!!wink'


We hope you have a wonderful summer break - relax, unwind and have lots of fun because Year 2, YOU DESERVE IT!! We are really going to miss you in September but we wish you the best of luck for Year 3 and we promise to pop over to the juniors to see you all again!


heartTake care and best wishes!laugh


Mrs Palios-Hoult, Mrs Butler, Mrs Palios-Bancroft, Mrs Powell, Mrs Owen & Mrs Roap

Year 2 Class of 2020!


Monday 6th July 2020


Please can you make contact with your class teacher via email ASAP.

We would like to check in with all pupils in year 2, particularly those who we have not spoken to in the last few weeks. Pupils we do not hear from will be contacted so that we can check in with them. If you have made contact please disregard this message. (Mrs Palios-Hoult) (Mrs Palios-Bancroft) (Mrs Powell)



Kind regards,

The Year 2 Team laugh



Sumdog Competition


A Cardiff wide Sumdog competition has begun and runs until June 11th. Try your best to log on to sumdog and give it a go! If anyone has forgotten their sumdog login details, please email your teacher! 

Good luck!





Welcome back everyone! laughWe hope you have all had a lovely half term break spending lots of quality time with your families and hopefully you've been able to get out and enjoy some of this wonderful weather we've been having yes We hope you are ready for some more fun home learning tasks that we've set up for you and feel you have recharged your batteries! We have a new topic this half term which is...




This half term we will be exploring what life is like in contrasting countries, the work of Greenpeace and we will be studying wildlife from around the world! Sounds exciting right?!wink Keep checking on the website regularly for your daily lessons and updates on the message board. You may find your work up on this page for everyone to see!

We look forward to hearing from you soon and seeing lots more of your wonderful work, so please remember to e-mail what you've been doing at home to your teachers. Our e-mails are at the bottom of this page yes


Take care everyone!

The Year 2 Teamlaugh





Hi everyone smiley We hope you're having a lovely week and are enjoying the activities we've put up for you. This week we were all supposed to be enjoying sports day together and we're so sad we don't get to do that with you. Luckily Mr Redding has some ideas to create your very own sports day. People across the UK will be taking part in 'The Joy of Moving Festival'. Click this link to get all the details




Happy Monday everyone laugh We hope you all had a lovely bank holiday weekend!

 We just wanted to say a big big 'THANK YOU!!' to everybody who has been sending their work to their class teachers. The work we have received so far has been fantastic! Also a massive 'Well Done!' to all of the grown up's for helping you with all of your learning, they are doing a fabulous job yes


Here are a few pictures below of some of the fab work we have received so far. See if you can spot some of your work!








Well Done everybodyyes More pictures of your work will be posted soon. Keep up the brilliant work you super lot! wink




Wishing all of our children who celebrate, A Very Happy Ramadan!


From the Year 2 teamsmiley




Hi everyone! laugh


We hope you've all had a lovely Easter break and have enjoyed some quality time with your families in the gorgeous weather we've been havingyes.

We hope you are all keeping safe and well and feel recharged and refreshed ready for the start of our summer term. Our topic this half term is called 'Electric Rainbow' - a science rich topic where we will explore all about light, sound and electricity!



Have fun exploring this topic and completing the lessons we have put onto the Year 2 page for you. Remember to complete as many of the tasks as you can but fit them into your own routine as we are aware that it is not always possible to follow the normal routines that we follow in school. So just complete your activities as and when you can. We would also love to see the work you have been doing at home so please remember to send us an email too. Our email addresses are on the main Year 2 page.


Take care everyone and remember to have lots of FUN!wink


Mrs Palios-Hoult (Ivy class), Mrs Palios-Bancroft and Mrs Powell (Surrey Class)





Hi everyone!Its Mrs Palios-Bancroft here!


Hope you are all keeping safe and well. Its been really lovely seeing all of the fantastic work you've been sending us. You are doing a great job!yeswink02/04/20





Hi everybodysmiley


We hope you are all keeping safe and well at home with your families and more importantly spending lots of quality time together. We are missing you terribly but are really enjoying hearing about all of the exciting things you've been up to at home, whether that be the work that has been set up by your teachers through the website or home activities that you have been doing with your families. It has been wonderful to seeyes


Although we are so pleased with all of the learning that is going on at home please remember to be kind to yourselves. We talk a lot in school about being ready to learn, so if your child is struggling find out why? It is perfectly fine to stagger your child's learning if you need to so please don't put pressure on yourselves. We will continue to provide you with enough work to keep yourselves busy but please, take your timesmiley As long as your children are happy and calm they will adapt to the new routines set by you at home. As always, your teacher's are always at the end of an email if you have any questions, queries or just fancy a chat! We will get back to you as soon as we can.


As promised here's Mrs Palios-Hoult and Mrs Owen giving you all a big wave and enjoying a bit of time in the garden. Mrs Palios-Hoult's dog Tula also fancied saying hello to you all! 



Look after each other and stay safe everybody!


Best wishes,

The Year 2 team x



Daily Physical Activity

It is really important that our children stay active during this period of time that they will be learning from home. Here is a great resource that you can use at home with your children. Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) is providing children across the UK with a daily P.E. session at 9am everyday! It would be great for your child to get involved and kick start their day with a bit of physical activity.


Click on the link to find out more and sign up to this fantastic FREE resource


Remember, if you complete any work digitally, please email it directly to your teacher who will endeavour to give you feedback ASAP!

Here are our emails: (Mrs Palios-Hoult) (Mrs Palios-Bancroft) (Mrs Powell)