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Word problems week beginning 20.4.2020

Friday 24.4.20 


Warm up- Countdown games. Pick 6 cards and try and make the number that is on the screen. You can use the card as many times as you want. You don't need to follow the rules on the website!


Mild is for the children in Mrs Begum's group. If you are in this group please do this one. 

If you are normally in Mr Hunter's group please do either Hot or Spicy. 


Any questions please email! 

Thursday 23.4.20 


Warm up- Money games.

* You will need to enable flash to play this game. 

Thursday 23.4.20

Wednesday 22.4.20 


Warm up- Look at Tuesday's game, can you beat your score? 

Tuesday 21.4.20 


Warm up- For a bit of fun, challenge your mum, dad, brother, sister or whoever who looks after you to a times table and division shoot off! You can either have 2 people back to back and first person to turn around with an answer to the question wins a point. Or, one person sits in a chair and the other asks as many questions as they can in a minute. Keep a tally of how many you get and the person who has the most points wins! 


Good Luck! 

Monday 20.4.20 


Warm up- access sumdog (if anyone has lost or needs their password please get in touch) and children can play various maths games on here for 10-15 minutes.