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Week starting 22.06.20

With probability- Please write your answer as either- Impossible, Unlikely, even chance, likely, or certain. Adding to this, please put your answer on a scale of 0.0 to 1.0. 0.0 being impossible and 1.0 being certain. Some of your answers you may think are certain but they are actually 0.9 on the scale. This is because they are very close to being certain but not quite. For example, if I were to ask "What is the probability that you will have fish and chips for lunch?" you may feel this is impossible as a family member has told you that you'll be having a ham baguette. However, there is the extremely slim chance that the ham may be gone off or someone in your family decides to go and get some fish and chips for lunch. Therefore, it is not impossible but extremely unlikely- making it 0.9 on the scale!



If you would like me to send you extended work, please email me for further support!



For Friday 26th June I'd like you to make your own 4 in a line game and play with someone in your house if they are available. If not, you can send emails to me and we can play against each other.


In the game I'd like you to have at least a two digit number on the one side and a one digit in the other. If you'd like to make it more complicated, you can have two digit numbers on both sides.


In the box that is empty with squares in, is where the answers to each question goes. The first person to get 4 in a line, wins!


If you are finding it too difficult to make your own game, you can use the game that has already been made.



I hope this makes sense! Any problems, please email me.