Primary School

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Week beginning 8.6.20

Friday 12.6.20


Sumdog Friday!! Please log in to Sumdog and complete the challenge that has been set. You may find that you have some extra coins from Mr Hunter if you get to the score limit! Good luck! 

Thursday 11.6.20


Warm up- Continue with Sumdog competition. 


Today will be all about reading graphs and taking the data from them. Make sure you look at the graphs carefully and the information within them. Read the questions carefully as some may try and trick you!! 


Mild questions can be found on Sumdog- These should only be for Mrs Begum's class. If you like you can try these after doing Hot or Spicy. 


Hot and Spicy questions can be found below. 

Wednesday 10.6.20 


Warm up- Sumdog competition. 


Main task- Today you will be using the skills that you used yesterday to complete further reading scale problems. You will need to read these questions carefully, making sure that you underline the most important bits of information to help you solve the problems. 

If you choose to do the mild task it can be found on Sumdog. 

Hot and Spicy can be found below. 

Tuesday 9.6.20 


Warm up- Continue with Sumdog competition. 


Look at the Power Point below. Go through it to help you practise reading various different scales. Once you have read it, use it to help you complete the questions after it. 

Monday 8.6.20 


Warm up- Sumdog competition- How far can you get on the leaderboard? 


Watch the video below:


1st task- Create your own number line  starting from -20 all the way up to 20. 


Next task is to complete either mild, hot or spicy questions. Make sure you use the video to help you as the questions are based around it.