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Week beginning 8.6.20

Design your own Antarctic research centre.


Have a look at the website above and look at different research centres that are around the arctic. Some things to think about your design when reading through this website. 

What is the terrain like? 

Where would you locate your centre? 

How cold does it get in Antarctica? 

What temperature will it need to be inside the station? How will you heat the station? 

What will the people be doing there? What rooms will you include in your centre? 


Other things you may need to consider when designing your Antarctic research centre: 

How will you reach your station? 

Will researchers live in the building or stay somewhere else? 

How and where will they sleep and eat etc? 

How will your researchers travel around? 



When you are designing your centre the most important thing you will need to consider is how it will be able to keep the cold out. What can you use to keep the heat inside the building?

Have a look at the link above to find out what makes a good insulator of heat? 


Once you have thought about all of the points above, we would like you to draw and label your research centre. You need to make sure that when you label and design your centre you have thought of all the points mentioned above! 


If you have any questions please email Mr Hunter or Mr Gray.