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Week beginning 8.6.20

Thursday 11.6.20 



For the next topic session of this week, we would like you to use hieroglyphics to write a letter to your friend who you haven't see for a while. Tell them about things that you have done, things that you look forward to and what you miss. You can talk about anything in your in letter, but it must be written in entirely hieroglyphic form. 


Click the link from Monday's topic session to find the link to the hieroglyphics. 

Monday 8.6.20 



This week we are looking at hieroglyphics. Hieroglyphics are what Egyptians used to communicate with others. Have a look at the website below. Here you will find a hieroglyphics table showing what they used for their alphabet.


We would like you to create your name using the hieroglyphics and then we would like you to write a message to your teacher using them. We look forward to seeing your messages.