Primary School

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Week beginning 30.3.20

2nd Literacy task for the week

Please use the Dadwavers template to create interesting and imaginative sentences to go with one of your settings for your story. You can put any image of any setting from your plan into the middle and then create your sentences based around that. 


Description- Think of what you can see and remember the 5 senses here. 

Action- E.g. Smashing through the baron door, Tyler launches himself out of the tree house. 

Dialogue- Start your sentence with some speech. E.g. "Wait! You don't know what is in there!" Jack yelled as they scurried towards the cruel looking ship. 

Where- Start your sentence with a place from the setting E.g. Sitting on the grainy, baron sand, Anthony sees a scorching looking creature emerge from beneath the surface. 

Adverb- Quickly, he fumbled his way across the scorching desert. 

Verb- Running quickly, he catches his leg on the bristly branch. 

Estimation of time- Here start your sentence with a time estimate. 

Rhetorical questions- E.g. "Why bother? It's not like we can get across the great sand dunes all on our own with no transport!" 

Similes and Metaphors- The trees were soldiers standing to attention, as we strode through the darkest words. 


First Task 

This week, we would like you to create a character list for you adventure story. 

You will need one main crew. This should be made up of several people and a couple of main characters. Think back to Brightstorm and how those characters were arranged.  You can have a rival crew if you wish! 


Think about each land that your crew will visit. Each land should introduce a new character, creature or monster so you will need to consider this when creating different characters. 


You will find a template of a person below. For each character you will need to say how old they are, what they look like, any interesting features, what are they good at, what are they not so good at, what are they afraid of and what their main purpose is in the story (what they will be doing in the story). 


You can make the person smaller if you wish and write a few sentences on each.