Primary School

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Week beginning 29.6.20

Friday 3.7.20 


Click the link below to find different Maths games for today's Maths games Friday. Try to spend half an hour playing the various different games and choose different skills to use. You will also be able to practice your times tables on Sumdog. 


These games are free so there is no just press the play button and you will be ready to go!

Thursday 2.7.20 



Use the earlier work in the week to help you complete the questions set below. 


To find 1%, find 10% and then divide it by 10 again. This will give you 1% of an amount. E.g. 1% of 500= 

10%= 50    1%=5

Wednesday 1.7.20 Percentages of amounts

Monday 29.6.20 



Look at the PowerPoint below. This will show you how to work out 10%, 5% and 20%. 


If you are struggling to access the PowerPoint for whatever reason, please email Mr Hunter so another way to view the PowerPoint.