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Week beginning 29.06.20

Hi all,


Continuing from last week, we will be focusing on complex sentences. For Monday 29th June to Tuesday 30th June you will be expected to complete each slide of the powerpoint attached. Please make exciting and adventurous sentences with a wide range of vocab to grab the readers attention. Please write a sentence for each picture!

After reading and writing our own ending to the story of time travel last week, we are now going to be focusing on writing our own time travel story to Ancient Egypt. We would like you to look at elements of last weeks story that you liked and use them to inspire your own story.


When planning, think about the following:


* What's your main character going to be like? Lazy? hyperactive? Happy? Grumpy? etc.

* How are they going to be transported to Ancient Egypt? 

* What is going to be the magic artifact that transports them?

* Will they go alone or with a friend?

* How do they feel when they get there?


There are many things to consider but we can't wait to hear your plans. 


You have Wednesday 1st July and Thursday 2nd July to come up with an awesome plan. Good luck!

For Friday 3rd July, please write the opening paragraph of your story and send to your teacher to give you feedback. Don't forget to use 'dadwaver' sentences! If you've forgotten how to use these, please follow this link