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Week beginning 22.6.20

Friday 26.6.20 

Sumdog Friday


On Sumdog there is now a new challenge to be completed. It will focus on number, but will also have elements of what we have been doing this week. The challenge will be open until next Friday! Good Luck! 

Thursday 25.6.20 



Today you will need to use all the skills that you have learnt this week on coordinates. Below there will be a selection of questions for you to choose from. 

Mild- This is a map reading task and you will be asked where different items are on the map by writing the coordinates down. 

Hot- There are 2 questions on coordinates here. It is expected that you will also complete mild as well as hot. 

Spicy- These are tricky questions today. Be careful as the graphs are missing the numbers in the axis. You will need to estimate what coordinates the questions are asking for by looking at the clues in the question. Make sure your estimate is sensible to get the question right. 

Wednesday 24.6.20 

Coordinate pictures 


Look at the coordinates below for a picture. Choose one set of coordinates to create a picture. Think carefully about the ranges for your axis. There is a suggestion below each set of coordinates for your axis. 


Once you have finished, have a go at creating your own set of coordinates for a picture for someone to try and solve.  

Tuesday 23.6.20 



Using the examples from yesterday as help, complete the coordinates problems below. Remember to read the questions carefully to see what you have to do. 


Monday 22.6.20 



Today we will be looking at coordinates. Remember when looking at coordinates we think 'along the corridor and up the lift.' 


For example a coordinate may say (9,4). We first need to look at the first number which is 9, so we need to go right, along the corridor for 9 steps. Once we have done that we need to look at the next number which is 4. So we need to go up 4 times. See the picture below for an example. 


Some times we may have negative coordinates. This means we have to go the other way from that which we normally go (negative coordinates will only work when we have 4 grids). For example: (-4,-2). The number -4 still tells us to go along the corridor, but this time we go left 4 spaces instead of right. The number -2 tells us that instead of going up, we now need to go down 2 spaces. See picture below for example. 


When we have multiple coordinates to plot we can make different shapes and images. 

Have a look at the questions below and see which shapes you end up making by following the coordinates you have been asked to plot. 


Remember, any questions please email Mr Hunter.