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Week beginning 22.6.20

Thursday 25.6.20 

Ancient Egyptian Inventions. 


The Egyptians invented a wide variety of things. Some of these inventions were already around but were not refined. The Egyptians put their own spin on many inventions that had already been invented. However, there are some things that they did invent which weren't already around. 


Have a look at the website links below to find the inventions of Egypt. Once you have done this we would like you to create an Egyptian invention poster. Draw what they invented and make sure that you include some information that you have learnt about it. Remember to include an eye catching heading and make it colourful if you can!,even%20ground%20up%20ox%20hooves.

Monday 22.6.20 

Egyptian Jewellery 


This week we are going to look at Egyptian jewellery. Egyptians wore colourful jewellery often made out of copper, gold wire, gem stones, coloured glass beads and colourful clay beads. They often wore necklaces, bracelets, neck collars, pendants, earrings and many more. 


Today we would like you to design your own Egyptian collar. Have a look at the image below. Make your collar interesting with plenty of colour. The collars often had patterns used to decorate them and we would also like you to use your own patterns in your design. You can use any shapes and colours that you like. Remember to send your work to your teacher.