Primary School

Relationships. Wellbeing. Achievement.

Week beginning 20.4.20

Task 1 

Our topic this term is Egypt. Using the website below, we would like you to create a fact file about the pyramids from Ancient Egypt. You can draw pictures based on this and label the pictures with different facts. 

Or you can create separate paragraphs to show your information that you have found. All the information that you use must be in your own words and not taken from the website.



Task 2 

Art- Create a sketch of a pyramid. Remember to think about shading when creating your sketch. If you need help with this, Youtube has some good videos to help with shading.


Task 3 


Create a detailed 3D model of a Pyramid from Ancient Egypt. This can be done using different materials e.g. cardboard, lego etc. Extra points if you can create the inside of a pyramid also.