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Week beginning 20.04.20

Hi all,


We hope you've had a safe and relaxing two weeks off. The activity for you this week is to write your adventure story!



This is linked with the world you have made, the characters you have developed and the dadwaver sentences you created. If you are unsure as to what dadwaver sentences are, please see here for more information.



The reason why this is a week activity is because we expect it to be incredibly detailed with lots of description of your setting and characters. When you read a book, there is sometimes whole pages focused on description and this what we would like to see in your writing. We don't expect you to complete this in one day but over the course of the week. However, if you would like to send anything you would like us to read through before the deadline, that is absolutely fine!


If you have not created your world, please go to for picture simulus.



If you have any problems, please don't hesitate to email.