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Week beginning 18.5.20

Thursday 21.5.20


After researching Egyptian boats, we would like you to create and design your own Egyptian boat. 


There are 2 tasks for this piece of work: 

1) Sketch your Egyptian boat and remember to use shading to add effect. 

2) Create a colourful picture of your new Egyptian boat. Think about how you could improve the original Egyptian boat design? What could you add to make them even better? 


Send your pictures to Mr Gray and Mr Hunter.  

Egyptian boats. 


The River Nile proved to be a valuable resource for the Egyptians. For this reason they needed plenty of access to boats. Please follow the link below to find more information about how an why Egyptians used boats and what they looked like.


Once you have researched the Egyptian boats we would like you to draw each boat and write a brief summary about how and why those boats were used. Colour in your boats once you have finished! 


More topic work will be up on Wednesday 20.5.20