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Week beginning 18.5.20

21.05.20- 22.05.20


After completing your similes and metaphors work, you will now be using these to help you complete and acrostic poem.



Rain drops falling into the impeccable waters like...

Immense ripples of aqua surging through Egypt like...

Valiant soldiers drinking from the...

Elegant ripples...

Rocks cutting through the water like a... 


Naive children playing in the fierce waters.

Individual fishing boats crashing on the waves like...

Litter bobbing on the waters like...

Enormous mountains hover over the river like a...


This is a quick example I put together. Using a thesaurus on this really helps with vocab choice as we want to make this as imaginative as possible!


If you complete this work it is free write Friday so please write a story about anything you like and send it to either Mr. Gray or Mr. Hunter!

19.05.20- 20.05.20


Thank you for your film reviews this week. If you haven't completed them yet, don't worry as you can send them to us whenever you are done.


This week we will be focused on poetry! As we have have been looking at rivers in topic, we thought it would be a good idea to build up to writing a poem about the river Nile.


Your first activity for the 19th to the 20th of May will be to metaphors and similes about the river Nile.


What does it look like? What could you compare it to? If you are struggling with similes and metaphors, please watch this video which explains it with a very catchy song!


If you normally need extra support in class and find this difficult, please write descriptive sentences about what the Nile looks like.



Example of metaphor:

The Nile is a snake, slithering past the sturdy rocks.


Example of simile:

The Nile is like a snake, slithering past the sturdy rocks.



Remember: A metaphor says that something is something else while a simile says that is is like something else.