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Week beginning 1.6.20

Your body clock! 


Your science task this week is to learn how your body works at different times. 

You will need to measure a variety of variables throughout the week. These are: 

What time do you wake up? 

What time do you go to sleep? 

What time your body tells you you are hungry. 


You will measure these variables over a period of 5 days. To do this you will need to draw a clock with you inside. Please find an example below (You can make yourself into a monster if you like)! You will need 5 clocks overall, one for each day. 


Once you have drawn your clocks you will need to pick 3 different colours. One for when you wake up, one for when you go to sleep and one for when your body tells you you are hungry throughout the day. On your clock, draw a line, using the colours, to the time that you either go to sleep, when you wake up and when you are hungry each day. 


By the end of this experiment you should know your body clock and how it works! You can even compare it to your parents body clocks! 


Any questions please email Mr Hunter or Mr Gray. Good luck!!