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Week beginning 1.6.20

Thursday 4.6.20


The next task we would like you to do is to research the Great Sphinx. You will find 2 websites below to help you.


We would like you to find out: 

How it was built? 

When was it built? 

What is it built out of? 

What is it meant to look like? 

How tall is it? How wide is it? 

Why was it built looking like it did? 

What is the legend of the Great Sphinx? 


We would like you to draw a picture of the Great Sphinx and then label your answers around your drawing. 


Any questions please email either Mr Hunter or Mr Gray. 

Monday 1.6.20 


This week you will need to have access to Minecraft. This can be accessed on hwb or downloaded for free on a tablet. If you don't have access to any of these you can use paper instead! This is not a problem. 


This week we would like you like you create your own Egyptian world on Minecraft. This should include the River Nile which you have been learning about recently. 

Things that you could include in your world are: 


River Nile 



Egyptian houses (An image of this can be found below.) 

Images of Egypt can be found below for you to look at for inspiration! 


Once you have created your world, please send some pictures of what you have done to your teacher. 


Pictures 1
Pictures 2
Pictures 3
Pictures 4
Pictures 5