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Week beginning 15.6.20


Sumdog Friday!! 


On Sumdog I have set a few Multiplication challenges and games for you to complete. Once you have completed these, please find the main activity which is called Sumdog Friday. This will have various areas in it which we have mostly covered this week. This challenge will be available for 1 week. Good Luck! 

Thursday 18.6.20 



As you get older you will have to start learning how to work out different bills. For example, you may go shopping and you may need to see if they asked you for the correct amount of money. Also, you may have an electricity bill and you also need to find out if you are paying the correct amount of money each month. 


So today, all you really need to think about are addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Below you will find 3 bills or receipts. Have a go at one of them. Make sure you read the questions carefully and if you need any help or are stuck, please email Mr Hunter. 

Wednesday 17.6.20 



Today's lesson is all about Volume. Volume is the amount of space a 3D shape takes up. There are 2 different ways to work out the volume of a shape and today we will look at the first, which is by counting cubes. 


Watch the video below and count the cubes on each shape. See if you can get the answers before the video tells them to you.


Once you have watched the video, answer one of the sheets below. They are split into hot or spicy. Please use the video that you have just watched to help you with these questions. 


If you need any help or are unsure of anything, please email Mr Hunter. 

Tuesday 16.6.20 


Today's lesson can be found on Sumdog. It is all about area and perimeter before we begin looking at volume tomorrow. 


Things to remember: Area = height x width  answer is something squared e.g. cm2

                                   Perimeter= add all the sides together. 


You can also find some multiplication games for your warm up. 


These games will be available until Friday! Once you have finished let Mr Hunter know so he can check your scores! 

Monday 15.6.20

Monday 15.6.20 1
Monday 15.6.20 2
Monday 15.6.20 3
Monday 15.6.20 4
Monday 15.6.20 5