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Week beginning 15.6.20

In the next few weeks we will be focusing on story writing! We will be doing many lessons to build up to us writing a final story.


On Monday 15th June and Tuesday 16th June we will be focusing the story below. We would like you to answer the following questions:



● What does the author mean by ‘ this year was no exception’?
● At the start of the story, how did Emily feel and how do we know?
● Describe what it was about the beetle that caught her eye.
● Why do you think she touched the beetle?
● How did she know so quickly where she was?
● What is the possible effect of the words ‘ rattles shivered’ ?
● Where is the woman sitting and how do you know?
● What does the fact that she has no mask suggest?
● Explain the word ‘surveyed’ . What does it suggest about the woman.
● What do the exclamation marks indicate?
● Why does it say, ‘ without thinking’ ?
● It was cool inside. What does that suggest about outside?
● How does the author make it seem as though Emily has no hope of escape?
● Does the mask grin? Explain what you think the sentence is suggesting –
what impression is the author trying to create?
● Explain the choice of the word, ‘striding’ .
● Explain what Mrs Hardy thinks about Emily.
● Why does the author use ellipsis?
● Describe Emily’s feelings as they change across the story and use quotes to
support your ideas.


* Also, please use a dictionary to define any words you are unsure on!


Please send finished work to Mr. Gray or Mr. Hunter.



For Wednesday 17th June and Thursday 18th June your task is to re-write this story from Mrs. Hardy's point of view. Please consider the following:


●  How does your teacher act on a school trip?


● Does Mrs. Hardy enjoy the museum? Does she love the history or can she not wait for this trip to be over?


● Is Mrs. Hardy going to be strict?


● What silly things could pupils be doing on the trip to annoy Mrs. Hardy?


● What could have distracted Mrs. Hardy away from noticing Emily's disappearance?


● How does Mrs. Hardy notice Emily has disappeared?


● How does she feel when Emily has disappeared? This is where you will focus most on. Focus on the emotions she must be feeling. What does she think? What is running through her mind?


● Where does she look? What is she thinking when she is looking around and can't find her?


● What does she feel when she finally finds Emily? What does she think when Emily says she's been to Egypt?



This writing will focus heavily on emotions and understanding how someone else must be feeling.


I would like the writing to be very descriptive and not far of the length of the document!


If you have completed this work and would like extension work, please email Mr. Gray or Mr. Hunter.




For Friday 19th June please expand on the original story and imagine you are Emily. Think of the following points:

● What do you say to your friends when you get onto the bus?

● Do they believe you?

● What do you say to your family when you get home?

● What do your siblings say?

● Do you get frustrated because no one is listening?

● What can Emily do to get others to believe her?

● What is running through her mind when she is eating her dinner?

● Please finish your writing with Emily going to bed and coming up with a plan to get people to believe her!


please email Mr. Gray or Mr. Hunter.