Primary School

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Week beginning 15.6.20

Friday 19.6.20


Here is another image of an Egyptian sunset. Notice how the main landscape is all in black and the background is made of a blend of colours. We would like you to create your own version with you own landscape with a sunset behind. It doesn't need to be Egyptian if you are struggling to think of something to draw. Please send all images to your class teacher. 

Monday 15.6.20


This week we would like you to create your own Egyptian sunset picture. Look at the picture below for some help and ideas about what colours to use in your picture. You can do this picture on the computer if you wish, but ideally we would like you to use paper and colours if you have them. 


Think about the shading that you can see on the picture below and think about how you can blend them together to make the perfect sunset. You can use any Egyptian building/statue/monument that you want. 


Please send a picture of what you have done to your teacher.