Primary School

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Week beginning 13.7.20

Friday 17.7.20 


For the last day we would like you to play different maths games on Sumdog, or if you fancied a change from Sumdog, feel free to click the link below to find some free Maths quizzes.

Thursday 16.7.20 


Maths games and activities. 


Have a look at the link below. Here are some maths activities for you to work through. There are some worksheets and games for you to explore. Note down what you have done and send it to Mr Hunter. Make sure you spend at least 30-40 minutes doing the different activities. Make sure you find the right age for you.

Wednesday 15.7.20 

Maths Puzzles 


Maths puzzles 3 can be found below. Remember to read the questions carefully. If you need any help please email Mr Hunter. 

Tuesday 14.7.20 

Maths Puzzles 


Here are four more puzzles. Make sure you read the questions carefully and try and complete all four of them. If you need any help please email Mr Hunter. 

Monday 13.7.20 


Maths puzzles- Look at the maths puzzles below. The more difficult ones are at the top and the easier puzzles are towards the bottom. Choose 2 to do.