Primary School

Relationships. Wellbeing. Achievement.

Week beginning 13.07.20

For Tuesday 14th July, create a poster or powerpoint about yourself for your next teacher.  It could include:

  • A picture of you (this can be a photograph or a drawing)
  • Your likes and dislikes
  • Who your closest school friends are
  • What your favourite school subjects are
  • What school subjects you find tricky
  • Your favourite story or novel
  • What your hopes/aspirations are for next year

For Wednesday 15th July


Write a summary or review of Year 5:

- What has been your favourite and worst parts of Year 5?

- What topics, lessons and activities have you enjoyed the most and least?

- What has been the funniest moment in Year 5?

- What have you achieved this year?

- What have you done / achieved /learnt that has surprised you?

- What are you most proud of?

- What are your next steps or aspirations for Year 6?

- What should the Year 4s be looking forward to most in Year 5?