Primary School

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Week beginning 11.5.20

Thursday 14.5.20 


Today we would like you to have a go at navigating the map which you can find below. If you have played battleship, this will be very familiar to you. 


Have a go and follow the instructions on the sheet. If you need any help please email Mr Gray or Mr Hunter! 

Monday 11.5.20 


What main river flows through Egypt? 


Did you know that this is the longest River in the world? 


If you haven't guessed, this is the River Nile! What we would like you to do is draw a picture of the river and write facts alongside it. Have a look at the picture below for an example. 



Please use the links below to help with your research about the River Nile.


Remember you can make your River Nile drawing as artistic as you like but you must have a good amount of facts to go alongside it! 


A new piece of topic work will be put up on Wednesday 13.5.20