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Week beginning 11.5.20



As we are learning about the River Nile, we thought about if we had to make a boat out of any material, what could we use? 


So your science experiment for this week (up until 20.5.20) will be to make a boat that can float on water out of different materials. 


The materials can be anything you can find in your home (make sure you ask your parents or whoever looks after you before you use it)! 


What material do you think is best to make a boat with? 


The materials we suggest for you to try are: 

1) Paper 

2) Card

3) Cardboard

4) Tin foil 


Which material would you use? Why have you chosen that material? 

For those wanting to go further, think about how you could use crayons or paint if you have them to make your boat water proof. 


Here is a link to some instructions for you to follow to make your boat.


Some questions for you to think about when making your boat: 

Why did you choose that material to make your boat? 

Why don't you think the other materials will be a good fit? 

How could you make your boat water proof?


Once you have made your boat you will need to see whether your boat can float. You can use a large bowl full of water, a bath, or a sink full of water. Whichever is easiest for you to use. 


After conducting your experiment. Mr Hunter and Mr Gray would like you to draw a picture of your boat and write down why you chose that material? Did it work? What did you do to make it float? Would you try any other materials? Which materials did you think wouldn't work and why? 


We look forward to seeing how your experiments work out!