Primary School

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Week beginning 08.02.21

Limit Breakers Begum's Beasts


Below are some number games. Please spend at least 20 minutes playing these games to practise your knowledge of number.


Once you have played these. Have a go at the questions below:


1) Brian has 120 eggs. 12 break. How many eggs does he have left? 

2) Lottie goes to the shop with £5. She spends £3, but finds £10 on the floor. How much does Lottie have? 

3) Tigs has 45 pencils. He gets another 20 in the post the next day. How many pencils does Tigs have? 

4) Lucinda has 5 pencils. The next day she has 5 times as many. How many pencils does she now have? 

5) Cornelius has 6 pets. The pet shop has 4 times as many pets than Cornelius. How many pets does the pet store have? 

6) There are 24 chairs in the hall. The next day, half have gone missing. How many chairs are there now? 


Pi-Thons and Begum's Beasts ext 


Spend at least 20 minutes playing the games below.


Complete the questions below

1) In Maya's desk drawer there are 9 yellow highlighters. There are 11 more pink highlighters than yellow highlighters, and there are 6 more blue highlighters than pink highlighters. How many highlighters are in Maya's desk drawer in all?


2) Spencer wants to ride the Ferris wheel, the roller coaster, and the log ride. The Ferris wheel costs 4 tickets, the roller coaster costs 6 tickets and the log ride costs 7 tickets. Spencer has 10 tickets. How many more tickets should Spencer buy?


3) The baseball coach bought 5 new baseballs for £2 each. The basketball coach bought 7 new basketballs for £6 each. How much more did the basketball coach spend than the baseball coach?


4) A group of 4 children and 8 adults are going to the zoo. Child tickets cost £6, and adult tickets cost £8. How much will the zoo tickets cost in all?


5) A teacher asks some children to arrange 36 chairs into rows of nine chairs. How many rows will there be?


6) A crate holds 72 bottles. How many packs of 6 bottles will be in each crate?


7)A large pack of 132 marbles is shared equally into 12 bags. How many marbles will there be in each bag?

Number Ninjas and Fire Dragons

Top Banaynays and Chunky Monkeys Reasoning. Ignore the second weights question. It is the same as the question before.