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Week beginning 04.05.20

Hi all,


We hope you are all safe and well during this time. We are missing being in class and teaching you all!


Our focus for the next week is going to be Pharaohs and the importance they had in Ancient Egypt. Strange fact, Egyptian pharaohs weren’t averse to marrying within the family to preserve royal bloodlines. Marriage to sisters was not unheard of. Gross, right?


The plan for this week is for you to write a biography about a Pharaoh of your choice. If you are unsure who to pick, Cleopatra and Tutankhamun are two of the most well known Pharaohs and will have the most information online. We also have attached links to information on both below.


Before writing the biography, we would like you to make a presentation about your chosen Pharaoh. Please take time with this to make sure you have as much detail as possible!


In summary:


Activity A= A presentation about your chosen Pharaoh including pictures and lots of information.


Activity B= Write a biography about your chosen Pharaoh.


Here are features of a great biography:


* Written in the Past tense.​

* Third Person – he/she/they. ​

* Catchy Introduction – who/what/where/when/why​.

* Your writing should be in paragraphs​.

* Life events in chronological order of date​. You can use time openers and connectives to show this​.

* Conclusion – how they will be remembered​


Here are some child friendly links for you to use for your research:







Speech marks practice