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Week beginning 01.06.20

Hi all,


We hope you had a great week relaxing in the lovely weather during half term. This week our focus is going to be persuasive language in the form of advertising! Your task for Monday 01.06.20 is to create a "Visit Egypt" poster! This can include pictures of famous monuments and places to visit. E.g. The Pyramids, the river Nile etc. Your poster should include some catchy alliteration phrases such as "Amazing architecture!" or "Sensational sunsets". Please make your posters colourful (if possible) and include the major attractions which can be found in the video below!


Please send your work to Mr. Gray or Mr. Hunter.



For Tuesday 02.06.20 please study the holiday brochure below. Please read carefully and highlight words and phrases that you think you can use in your own brochure. For example, "vast areas remain beautifully untouched" is a phrase you could use in your own writing. Also look at the language used and the style of writing.


This is not a piece of work you need to send us but it will really help you with your own brochure!



For Wednesday 03.06.20 please watch the tourism videos below to help you make a plan for your own holiday brochure. In this you will include some magpie phrases you found from the video and in the holiday brochure example below. You can pick up to 5 places you think people should see when they are visiting Egypt. The tourism videos below will help you greatly when writing your brochure so please watch closely and make notes of phrases used and facts found!


For Thursday 4th and Friday 5th June, please write you brochures to convince someone to visit Egypt. Please use the Crete example below for support and watch the videos to help with information and phrases you would like to use.


Please send work to Mr. Gray or Mr. Hunter



   vast areas remain beautifully untouched.