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Week beginning 22.06.20

Some super story writing from last week and we are looking forward to continuing with this throughout this week!


Last week you should be up to the point in your story where Emily has come up with a plan to convince people that she did go to Egypt. From Monday 22nd June to Tuesday 23rd June we would like you to continue with your story and consider the following:


*Is she going to take her family to Egypt to convince them?


* If the rest of the family are taken to Egypt, how do they react? How would you react in this situation?


* What could happen when they get there?


* What is the weather going to be like compared to at home?


* Is everyone going to be nice or is there potentially going to be something scary there?


*Think of the 5 senses when you are writing to add description. What smells are there? What do they hear? Etc.


* Don't finish the story yet. Maybe start at a very exciting point to keep the reader wanting to read more! Maybe an evil character has just cornered Emily and her family? Perhaps the villagers think that Emily and her family are witches and wizards so decide to chase them with pitch-folks?



These notes are a guide but remember this story is your own and can take whichever direction you would like!



Please send your work to Mr. Gray or Mr. Hunter.




Some great stories so far and we can't wait to hear the end! Your task for Wednesday 24th June and Thursday 25th June is to finish your story! This can be in any direction you want- happy, sad, strange, cliffhanger...anything! It will be very interesting to see how you chose to finish your stories. Please send your work to Mr. Gray or Mr. Hunter when you are done.



When writing a story, it is extremely important that you are using different sentence structures. Complex sentences are of vital importance to take your work to the next level. Please complete the game below to help you understand how to use them. If you do not have dice available please use this website.