Primary School

Relationships. Wellbeing. Achievement.




Find a space in your house and warm up by doing some gentle stretch exercises starting from your head to your toes.



- look up at the sky and then rest your chin on your chest - do this 3 times

- roll your neck 3 times clockwise and then 3 times anti clockwise

- shrug your shoulder up and down - do this 3 times

- circle your arms forward and then backwards - 3 times

- roll your hips 3 times clockwise and then 3 times anti clockwise

- step your right leg to the side pointing your toes outwards and lean to one side - repeat on the other side

- shake your whole body stretching all of your muscles and you're ready to go!


Now set up 5 areas to do different exercises in the circuit.


Station 1: Starjumps

Station 2: Squats

Station 3: Running on the spot

Station 4: Lunges

Station 5: Pressups


On each station you will need to exercise for 1 minute and then rest for 1 minute.  Repeat this 3 times.


Good luck!