Primary School

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Tuesday 5th January

Suggested activities for Tuesday 5th January


30 mins of reading time

  • Use Bug Club and read with an adult (Login on the sticker of the homework book sent last term)
  • Use Oxford Owl ( you will need to join first -free)
  • Pick your favourite book. Tell the story to you brother sister or teddy.

30 mins of physical exercise

  • Play the freeze dance:
  • Go for a walk, bike ride or play safely at the park.  Collect leaves to make a picture.
  • Peppa Pig Moves - stomp like Rebecca Rabbit or jump like Peppa Pig. The movement cards below describe the fun Peppa and her friends have. This activity can be done inside or out but needs space to have fun. 

Maths activities 

Literacy activities

  • Close your eyes. What can you hear? Have a go at this listening and memory game
  • Play this phonics game                                                                
  • Write your tricky words!  I no go to the into Teach your brother or sister or your teddy bear!
  • Have a conversation! You could use the questions below eg. Do you prefer Spiderman or Superman ?
  • Tell us about your Christmas holidays. Perhaps you had a special toy or made something you enjoy.  Maybe you had new clothes or spent time at the park. Did you watch a film you enjoyed?

    You could draw a picture. can you label your drawing or write a sentence about it.

    You could ask an adult to video you talking about their picture, gift, something they have made or who they have seen. Adults: Please encourage you child to talk more by asking questions.

  • Practise writing your name in different colours.

Creative activities