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Wednesday 3rd June 2020

Good morning!


Today you are going to draw your fact file template in your books or on paper. 


I would like your fact file to take the same format as the one you saw in yesterdays lesson. As shown below.

The information you found yesterday on the Humpback Whale will now be used and put onto your fact file neatly. I am looking for two columns and six rows. Keep space on the side for interesting facts and pictures will go on the other side. Put a title at the top of your fact file. You can make up your own or use 'Humpback Whale Fact File'.


Take the information you found yesterday about the Humpback Whale and insert that information into the fact file you have drawn. From this lesson I am expecting to see a neatly drawn fact file with the six pieces of information you have found out about the Humpback Whale.


All of the other parts will be done over the next two lessons.