Primary School

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Wednesday 3rd February

Live Lesson Today

Thompson Park at 9.30 am Please bring paper and a pen.

Victoria Park at 10.30am - bring a teddy!


Suggested activities for Wednesday 3rd February


30 mins of reading time

  • Look in any of your books and count how many times you can find the words and and the
  • Read some bug club books
  • Look in an information book – learn one new fact eg I read that potatoes were the first vegetable grown in space.


30 mins of physical exercise



Maths activities 


  • Ask an adult to cut up squares of paper for you. Can you write 0-20 on them. Ask an adult to muddle them up for you to order from 0-20
  • Watch these some of these videos about numbers

  • Count using a tally? Here’s one to do below
  • Fancy a challenge? How many if these sums can you do? Use something to help you add e.g. cars, Lego pieces etc.

Literacy activities

  • Don’t forget to keep working on writing your surname -use flour, sugar etc
  • Can you spell these words?

Make you own super hero - discuss some names for your own superhero

  • Supertato had special powers and used the to catch evil pea. If your superhero had 3 special powers – what would they be? 
  • Can you make these sentences?

Creative activities


  • Draw and label your superhero. What have you called him/her? What does your superhero wear?
  • Colour in this Supertato sheet.
  • Superhero's like to help others. Be a superhero at home and help around the house - ask mum/dad/gran for a job that you can do to help. Send a picture of you doing the job  ( you could wear the mask you made)