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Wednesday 29th April

Hi guys!


Firstly ask an adult to look at the three sentences you wrote yesterday. Make sure there are capital letters at the start of the sentences and full stops at the end. Have you included any adjectives?(describing words)

Amend these sentences before you begin to write your letter.


Today you are going to be putting your three sentences into a letter to little bear.


Below is an example of a letter. Have a look.



Lansdowne Primary School,

Norfolk street,



CF5 1JY,

29th April 2020


Dear Little bear,

My name is Joseph. I know that you are scared of the dark and I want to help you. I am scared of spiders because they run really fast and look scary! I think you should ask Big bear for a night light to help you sleep. This will make you feel better.


Bye for now,




Your letter needs to be just like this one so look at it as you are writing yours. Use the three sentences you have already written. 


This lesson will take you Wednesday and Thursday to complete so take your time and make sure you are checking your writing and spelling throughout. 


I cant wait to read lots of these letters guys!wink