Primary School

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Today we are going to be practicing for tomorrow's oracy lesson by having discussions on the following questions. We will work on the skills you need to succeed in an oracy assessment. 


1. Would you rather do school work as a group or by yourself?

2. Would you rather be able to see things that are very far away, like binoculars or be able to see things very close up, like a microscope?

3. Would you rather be able to run as fast as a cheetah or hold your breath as long as a whale?

4. Would you rather be the author of a popular book or a musician in a band who released a popular album?

5. Would you rather live in a place with a lot of trees or live in a place near the ocean?

6. Would you rather be able to remember everything you’ve ever seen or heard or be able to perfectly imitate any voice you heard?

7. Would you rather be able to shrink down to the size of an ant any time you wanted to or be able to grow to the size of a two-story building anytime you wanted to?



Please join your teams meeting at 10am!