Primary School

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Miss Davies and Miss James' Groups. 


If you work with Miss Davies and Miss James we would like to say if you went to Antarctica which activities would you like to do an why. We would like you to write several sentences and draw pictures to go with your work. 

Visit Antarctica Brochure. 


Today we would like you to create a brochure persuading people to go to Antarctica and telling them what is there to see and do. 


Look at the example brochure below. What do you notice about the way it is written? For example does it have rhetorical questions? Does it have a catchy title? 

List all the features of the brochure before you start your work. 



Now, using the information you learnt yesterday. We would your own Brochure for Antarctica. You can do this on powerpoint, word, or your learning from home books. 


Things to remember when you write your brochure: 

  • Capital letters and full stops. 
  • Different types of sentences e.g. complex sentences. 
  • Interesting facts
  • Activities to do in Antarctica
  • Paragraphs
  • Pictures. 


Please email your teacher your finished work. There will live meetings on Teams throughout the day if you require extra support. The times can be found below: 

Mr Hunter's class: 10-11 am and 2-3pm 

Mr Gray's class: 10-11am and 2-3pm