Primary School

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Wednesday 27th January

Live Teams lessons today

Thompson Park - 9.30 am. Please bring paper and a pencil.

Victoria Park 10.30 am. Please bring your teddy.

Suggested activities for Wednesday 27th January


30 mins of reading time



30 mins of physical exercise




Maths activities 

Literacy activities

  • Imagine that you were standing in front of the house made of sweets. What can you see / smell / touch / hear / taste? Think of lots of different words to describe your different senses.
  • Hansel and Gretel found a huge treasure chest of coins. What would you buy if you had a treasure chest of coins? Draw and write a sentence. I would ………



Creative activities


  • Lots of sweets are not good for your teeth as sugar will make them rotten. Go to this page and tick the foods that are good for your teeth
  • The pictures below are made by putting a coin under the paper and colouring over it with a pencil or crayon. Can you make a coin rubbing picture like this?
  • The story of Hansel and Gretel is a traditional tale – why not do some fairy tale mindfulness. Sit comfortably and choose one of these to colour in.