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Wednesday 24-06-2020

Good morning!




Today you are going to look at cubism art. In around 1907 two artists living in Paris called Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque developed a revolutionary new style of painting which transformed everyday objects, landscapes, and people into different shapes.


These are some of Pablo Picassos famous cubist paintings. We also call it abstract art. This means that the painting doesnt look like a real person or real object. It is a picture made up of different shapes to make it look like a person or object.



This painting is called 'The weeping woman' by Pablo Picasso. What shapes can you see in the painting?What do you think she is so sad about? Tell an adult.



This is called 'Fruit on a table cloth' By Georges Baraque. What fruit can you see? What shapes can you see?



This is called 'Seated woman in red arm chair' by Picasso



I would like you to create a cubist style painting. Below is a tutorial showing you how to do this.


Have a go yourself. You can either do it on a computer or use paper and a pencil. You will also need felt tips or coloured pencils or paints. You use what ever you prefer, Have fun!



Today I would like you to try this mountain meditation. Its about remaining calm. It is very relaxing so I hope you enjoy it. Ask a grown up to join you if you like. Find a nice calm space and make sure you are comfortable before you begin.


Here are another two meditations for you to try if you have enjoyed meditating today.


Try this one before going to bed. Its very calming.



Today I would like you to think of a song that makes you want to dance! Dancing makes many of us very happy. A song that makes me want to dance is 'Bamboleo' by 'The gypsy king' The reason it makes me want to dance it because it reminds me of summertime which is my favourite time of the year!

Click on the link below to listen to it.


Do you know what language the song is sung in? If not try to find out. 


What song makes you want to dance? Play it to an adult and dance to it! How does it make you feel? 


Ask an adult to tell you a song that makes them want to dance and listen to it/ dance to it together.


Have fun!