Primary School

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Wednesday 20th May 2020

Good morning!


You are going to be preparing a short speech (1 minute). The speech will be about learning from home. 


You will need to use your mind maps to help you prepare your speech.


Here is the format that your speech will take:


You all need to start your speeches with this


Good morning


My name is... and today I am going to be talking about learning from home learning.


Home learning has been... fun, tricky, challenging, enjoyable, hard...

I have enjoyed... (use ideas from your mind map with this) remember to use interesting vocabulary and speak in full sentences.

However, I have not enjoyed... (use mind map)

Lastly, I am looking forward to... (use mind map)

Thank you for listening to me. Have a good day!


Get an adult to help you write down your speech. Read over it together and change any bits that need improving. We call this editing your work. Its a great skill to practice!


Have fun with this guys!smiley