Primary School

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Wednesday 20th January

Victoria Park - live lessons today: 

The time for your child can be found in their HWB account, it will either be 1.30pm or 2pm.


Suggested activities for Wednesday 20th January

Choose 1 or 2 of the activities from each subject


30 mins of reading time


30 mins of physical exercise

  • Can you feel your heart beating when you stand still? Now run on the spot for a minute. Can you feel your heart beating now? Why do you think is it beating so quickly?  
  • Use a soft large ball and work outside. Can you throw it in the air and catch it 10 times? Can you bounce it against the wall 10 times? Can you catch the ball thrown by someone else. Can you kick the ball 10 times? Can you throw the ball into a box/basket etc.
  • Work out with Joe Wicks


Maths activities 


Literacy activities

  •  Can you answer 50 questions quickly? Practise asking and answering questions with the ideas below. They are simple yes or no answers. Have a go.
  • Rhyme (and move ) with Radzi                                                          How many rhyming pairs can you make and write eg.     dog and frog    tall and fall       face and race
  • Stories have 3 parts -start/ middle/end.  What happened in the start of the story? Where was Handa going? What did she take with her?  What funny thing happened the middle of the story and How did Akeyo react when she saw what her friend Handa brought her at the end of the story. Talk about it someone in your family.
  • What fruit have you eaten today? Draw and write    I ate a …………
  • Can you write some simple sentences ( see below)


Creative activities