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Wednesday 1st July 2020

Good morning!


Today you are going to write a persuasive piece that will hopefully bring peoples attention to saving the Javan Rhino.


How do I write persuasively?


When writing persuasively, you are trying to convince the reader of your opinion. You need to use persuasive words and phrases to encourage people to listen to what you are saying.


Start by telling people about the Rhino. 


The Javan rhino is a great animal that lives in the rainforests. 

Replace the word great with your own word.


Your next sentence should tell people whats happening to the rhino.


The Jarvan rhino is being h...................... for its horns! This is very sad. Add a word in the blank space.


Last sentence should tell people what they can do to help.


We can help the rhino charity make this stop!



You can copy the sentences and add some words or you can write your own sentences. 


Here is a word bank to help you if you want to write the sentences on your own.


rhino    Javan   horns


hunter    save   help


protect    please