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Wednesday 1st July 2020

Good morning!


Today you are going to write a persuasive piece that will hopefully bring peoples attention to saving the Javan Rhino.


How do I write persuasively?


When writing persuasively, you are trying to convince the reader of your opinion. You need to use persuasive words and phrases to encourage people to listen to what you are saying.


Here are some persuasive phrases you could use:


In my opinion...


I feel...


It is important that...


You must...


Here are some persuasive words:


important         must        unfortunately      because     unfair     please     help     need    vital     protect      extinction        hunted      definitely    please.



Below is an example of a persuasive piece of writing. Use this guide to help write yours. Don't copy it. Take words and ideas from it. Use the answers to the questions from Tuesdays lesson to help you.


Begin your writing with a bit of information about the Javan rhino. This will grab peoples attention.


Javan Rhinos are beautiful animals found in the rainforests of Indonesia which is in Asia. They are very gentle creatures that like to roam the rainforests freely.


Then, start a new paragraph telling people about what is happening to the Rhino.


Unfortunately there are less than 80 of these amazing animals left in the world! They have sadly been hunted for their horns! Their homes have been destroyed by hunters leaving them feeling very scared.


Finally, tell the reader what can be done to help.


We cannot let this happen! We must put a stop to this cruelty! We have to work together and support the Rhino charities to stop this wonderful animal becoming extinct! We need to act NOW before its too late!


Remember that you start a new paragraph on a new line. 


Have a go. Ask an adult to help you if you need support.laugh